Joe's Concrete Adventure: Turning Old Leads into New Referrals

Joe's Concrete Adventure: Turning Old Leads into New Referrals

Meet Joe, a friendly concrete business owner who loves to pour amazing driveways and patios. One day, Joe had a brilliant idea to reach out to some old customers and turn them into new referrals. Here's how he did it:

Step 1: Friendly Hello

  • Joe decided to start with a friendly hello. He picked up the phone and called Mr. and Mrs. Smith, who had a beautiful concrete patio made by Joe a few years ago.

Joe: "Hi, Mr. Smith! Remember that awesome patio we built for you? How's everything?"

Mr. Smith: "Oh, Joe! We love our patio. Everything's great!"

Step 2: Exciting Updates

  • Joe shared some exciting updates about his concrete business. He told Mr. Smith about the new techniques and tools they were using. It was like telling a friend about his cool new bike!

Joe: "Mr. Smith, we've got some fantastic new equipment and techniques for even better concrete projects!"

Step 3: Ask for Their Help

  • Joe politely asked if Mr. Smith knew anyone who might need concrete work. It was just like asking a friend if they knew someone who wanted to play at the park.

Joe: "Mr. Smith, do you happen to know anyone who's looking for a beautiful new driveway or patio? Maybe a friend or neighbor?"

Step 4: Offer a $100 Referral Check

  • Then came the special part. Joe offered Mr. Smith a $100 referral check as a big thank-you. It was like giving Mr. Smith a shiny gift!

Joe: "If you refer someone to us, we'll give you a $100 referral check as a token of our appreciation!"

Step 5: Stay in Touch

  • Joe kept in touch with Mr. Smith, even if he didn't have referrals right away. He sent friendly messages now and then. It was like staying friends with someone you met at the playground.

Joe: "Just checking in, Mr. Smith! How's the patio holding up? Remember, we're here whenever you need us."

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