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8 Month | 1.0

8 Month | 1.0

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Our Second Most Popular Program.

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Everything You Get in 8 Month | 1.0


•Have interested residential homeowners self-qualify for driveway, patio, or shed pouring.

• Receive hands free follow up for project details like pictures, dimensions, and address.

• Homeowners schedule exclusively with your concrete company.

• Get your name out there to 10-20k people in your area monthly.

• Get 10 (80 Total) monthly phone appointments in 8 months with homeowners interested in concrete driveways, patios, or shed pours.

Min. $1,000-$10,000 monthly ad spend not included in fee listed.

Your Guarantee

• Sign up for 10 monthly phone appointments (80 Total) over 8 months with homeowners interested in driveways, patios, or sheds.

• All homeowners will self qualify themselves.

No 70 phone appointments in 7 months means no waiver for the 2024 management fee ($23,500 value).

Next Steps After You Buy

•Complete payment and receive a text and email containing your onboarding video and 4 easy steps for setup.

•Our team will contact you within 24 hours to confirm you received your onboarding information.

•Book a strategy call to make sure everything is set up correctly for our goal of helping and serving more homeowners.

Benefits of | 1.0 Partnership

Higher Quality Qualifying Process.

•Enable business owners to better handle their time and projects by implementing a thorough qualification process.

• Maintain a peaceful feeling as your project calendar grows.

• Create an ongoing journey for homeowners, resulting in increased referrals and business every month.

• Monitor all aspects for better ROI understanding.

Omnipresence For Your Company

• Your business will appear on the essential social media platforms (as required, not all are necessary) Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, & More.

• Our team will build you a website optimized for conversions, helping you generate more bookings.

• Our team manages everything 100% for you.

Lock in & Design Your Ideal Homeowner.

• Finding the right homeowner is easier when you know exactly what you’re looking for.

• Feel the magic of omnipresence. Overflowing calendar, selective project to pour.

With Whom Do the Top 1 % Concrete Business Owners Align With?

Find High Quality Laborers, Operators, & Finishers

• By consistently finding high quality laborers, operators, and finishers, your company can sustain its growth.

• Imagine a waiting list of crew members.

• Imagine they show up on time every time because you deserve it.

• Let us help you implement this for ongoing growth.

This is something you would desire for your own use, yeah?