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Remodeling - 2 Cities

Remodeling - 2 Cities

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Frequently Ask Questions.

What You Get (Overview).

• Your company will target residential residential homeowners who are seeking to have a remodel done by your company.

• Easy 4 step, set up process, automatically sent to you after you buy now.

• Your company name and brand image will be shown to 10 - 20 thousand people in your area every 30 days. Things continue to compound from there.

• Your company will cover the ad spend, a minimum of $500 - $1,000 in monthly ad spend which is not included in the management fee price listed.

Why You Want To Jump In.

Now you might be looking to remodel more Bathrooms, Kitchens, Basements and More.

  • Your company will be set up with campaigns to find homeowners in your zip code, Similar to the way we found you.
  • Our price for you to jump in now is entry level. Perfect for you to fill your zip code so that way you can start now.

How Can You Start Now.

Follow These Easy Steps.

  1. Check Out Now.
  2. Receive The Set Up Instructions, Via Email or Text.
  3. Complete The Easy 4 Step Set Up Instructions.
  4. Speak With Our Team.
  5. Launch Campaigns

What if You Buy Today.

What If I Start Now.

  • You will be sent the set up information and then we will launch our campaigns.
  • Payment reoccurs every 30 days.

Can I Upgrade Programs.

  • Yes this is why we continue to get referrals and why many jump in and upgrade with us.

What If It's Not For Me.

  • You can cancel within 30 days.